Monday, June 13, 2011

Totally carried my team. hahaha NOT.

I honestly don't usually suck this bad, haha. Lately I haven't been doing good at all, but hopefully I'll start doing better soon. I made a lot of stupid mistakes this game that cost me more than half of my deaths, and on top of that my team wasn't very good, either. Any suggestions on the next champion I should try to learn? Lately I've been into a Jungle Warwick, and an AP Teemo.

I'm baaaaaaaad.

I love League Of Legends, but I'm quite bad at it. I suppose that's okay though, as It's not all that easy to be good at. As of right now I'm level 29, and I'm a little more than halfway to level 30. I'm really excited to play ranked but I'll probably suck most of the time. This blog will mostly consist of how I did in games and maybe an epic screenshot or 2? :D